How to prioritize your Windows 7 Network Settings to have the local LAN be used with high priority

Some of us (which works with Laptops) are being connected to the Internet by both Wi-Fi and LAN cable. Up until recently, I had to switch between connection methods manually, turning off my Wi-Fi switch. I recently realised this is not necessary. We can keep both connections alive and simply prioritize between the two. To do so, follow these steps -

1. Click the Network notification Bar Icon and select Open Networks and Sharing Center

2. Select Change Adapter Settings

3. Hit Alt button and select Advanced and Advanced Settings

4. We can now prioritize the Network Interfaces as desired:

There's also a really nice pictorial post for the occasion where you have few Wireless Adapters and wants to prioritize between those, at the 'How To Geek' (one of my favorites):

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