Tasker for Android - Total Automation Control 

Android Operating System is quite scalable and can pretty much be played with, in compared with Apple's iOS, which is known in its Walled Garden image. Even Though, sometimes it seems like our Android devices can better serve us in the Daily routines. For this purpose Tasker came to life. Tasker is a Total Automation Application for Android.
To work with Tasker, first the App should be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Tasker isn't Free, but there's A 7 day trial to get you started.
Once installed, you are ready to compose Tasks, Profiles and Scenes according your Automation wishes.

As it can be a little too advanced to create Profiles, there's a Repository of ready made Profiles which can be downloaded to avoid the hustle.

Here are few of my the Profiles I've created:

Tasker Profiles - copy to SD Card-Tasker-Profiles folder.zip 

To add these Profiles in your Tasker, follow these steps:

Download and copy the XML files into the SD Card/Tasker/Profiles directory. Airdroid is highly recommended for this manner:
Now open Tasker on your Android, hit the Home button and select Import: 


Once you've imported my Profiles, you can fine tune it to achieve your best personal preference. Currently I'm using the following Profiles, seeking for more:

1. Night Mode : From 23:15 till 8:00 - Silent Mode on, Auto Brightness off, Display Brightness level 12.

2. Wifi at Home : At Home - Wifi set on.

3. GPS On For Apps : Maps, Latitude, Waze... - Secure Settings configuration GPS Enabled.

4. Wifi at Work : At Work - Wifi set on.

5. Auto Rotate For Apps : Messaging, Whatsapp, Gallery... - Display Rotation set On.

6. Auto Off Unpaired Bluetooth : Not Bluetooth Connected - wait 1 minute and 15 seconds, bluetooth set Off.

7. Wifi on for Apps : Dropbox, Airdroid... - Wifi set On.

8. Driving : Bluetooth Connected - Load App google play music, set BT Voice volume 15, Media Volume 15, In-Call Volume 5, SMS+Car on.

9. Headphones Plugged In : Headset plugged any - Load App google play music, Media Volume 11.

10. Meeting : Calendar Entry * - Silent Mode Vibrate.

Tasker is a highly recommended 5 star total automation application for your Android. It certainly influenced how I use my smartphone.

Tasker's official Home Page - loads of guides, how-to's, sample Profiles, forums and more:


Tasker's official Profiles Wiki:


A great repository of Tutorials can be found at PocketTables, tons of useful information for beginners plus advanced tutorials:


Tasker Developers Google Discussion Group - for advanced and deep dive into Taskers' hidden capabilities: 

LifeHackers' Tasker Page:


Create astonishing panoramas with your SmartPhone

There's a really nice application for an Android to create great Panoramas. This is called Panorama 360.
What's really nice about it is the ability to share your Panoramas with the TeliportMe community and receive Likes and Comments on your Panoramas. To be honest, who doesn't like to get rated for his skills as a semi-professional photographer.
All you have to do, is to get the Panorama 360 application on the Google Play Store, which is completely Free.
Just create your profile, and start shooting Panoramas to join the Social Community.

The TeliportMe page holds some amazing Panoramas taken by users all around. The Best Beaches on 360 is highly recommended and a nice place to explore the potential. The Waiting for Sunset taken at Dili District, Timor-Leste is a great example of how a good Panorama should look like:

I got into taking these Panoramas and sharing them on the TeliportMe community. One of these was taken on Tikal ancient Mayan Ruins site, which came out pretty good (please excuse the small glitches- it was quite Hot and Humid and I had plenty of mosquitoes bugging me while I took this Panorama):

Check all my other Panoramas on my TeliportMe page.

SnagIt Copy - a great tool to copy SnagIt images to Clipboard memory and Paste directly  in Gmail messages

I'm using SnagIt quite heavily during my normal work, I admit...

I also use Gmail as this is my main mailing platform. It appears that there's a known limitation and currently we can not Copy any SnagIt edited materials and Paste these directly into Gmail messages.
Well, think again....
Someone had taken this limitation and overcome it with a nice workaround which is called SnagItCopy.
To install SnagItCopy, simply follow the steps as described by DV Abaper:

Copy & Paste of images with SnagIt and Gmail - Resolved

How to prioritize your Windows 7 Network Settings to have the local LAN be used with high priority

Some of us (which works with Laptops) are being connected to the Internet by both Wi-Fi and LAN cable. Up until recently, I had to switch between connection methods manually, turning off my Wi-Fi switch. I recently realised this is not necessary. We can keep both connections alive and simply prioritize between the two. To do so, follow these steps -

1. Click the Network notification Bar Icon and select Open Networks and Sharing Center

2. Select Change Adapter Settings

3. Hit Alt button and select Advanced and Advanced Settings

4. We can now prioritize the Network Interfaces as desired:

There's also a really nice pictorial post for the occasion where you have few Wireless Adapters and wants to prioritize between those, at the 'How To Geek' (one of my favorites):