Create astonishing panoramas with your SmartPhone

There's a really nice application for an Android to create great Panoramas. This is called Panorama 360.
What's really nice about it is the ability to share your Panoramas with the TeliportMe community and receive Likes and Comments on your Panoramas. To be honest, who doesn't like to get rated for his skills as a semi-professional photographer.
All you have to do, is to get the Panorama 360 application on the Google Play Store, which is completely Free.
Just create your profile, and start shooting Panoramas to join the Social Community.

The TeliportMe page holds some amazing Panoramas taken by users all around. The Best Beaches on 360 is highly recommended and a nice place to explore the potential. The Waiting for Sunset taken at Dili District, Timor-Leste is a great example of how a good Panorama should look like:

I got into taking these Panoramas and sharing them on the TeliportMe community. One of these was taken on Tikal ancient Mayan Ruins site, which came out pretty good (please excuse the small glitches- it was quite Hot and Humid and I had plenty of mosquitoes bugging me while I took this Panorama):

Check all my other Panoramas on my TeliportMe page.

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